Brand concept

When perceiving things, illusions, delusions and stereotypes play greater roles than we imagine.

However, subjectively we try to understand the world, the people,and the society, human brains subconsciously ignores or process something. We came to understand just a piece of imagery of the world, surrounded by innumerable unrecognizable parts.

TEKI hopes to utilize fashion to present, from a perspective never taken before,the colors of our world.


TEKI is a basic fashion brand in Tokyo, designing clothes for people who want to dress freely, enjoy life in their own way and love art. Designer TEKI began to learn western painting and classical music in his childhood and has a unique interest in the integration of eastern and western cultures. After graduating from BUNKA FASHION GRADUATE UNIVERSITY, she decided to build her own fashion brand, hoping to better integrate fashion and art, and to elaborate different views on the world view from different perspectives.


ATS Co.,Ltd.

Atelier F,10F, BUNKA Incubation,23-21, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan



E-Mail: teki@atelierats.com